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[2018 edition of white yb体育 industry]
  • Shanghai headquarters       

Shanghai white yb体育 pipe Polytron Technologies Inc started in 1988 and is a large state-owned holding enterprise. Specializing in plastic pipe research and development, production and sales for more than thirty years, in Shanghai Jinhui, Pudong hang tou, Heilongjiang Zhaodong and other places have built production base. There are six main categories of production products, including water supply pipes, drainage pipes, threading pipes, ground heating pipes, heating pipes, ground source heat pumps, etc., with a total of 18 single products. White yb体育 is the first manufacturer of PPR pipe R & D and production in China. It is the pioneer of PP-R pipeline industry in China. It has been named China's ten largest brand, consumer trust brand and Shanghai brand name for many years. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a vice chairman of China plastic pipe Specialized Committee, and a drafting unit of three national standards for pipelines. Adhering to the idea of "letting customers rest assured", we have persisted in adopting international imported raw materials and production equipment for more than 30 years. The products have been distributed in more than 300 cities throughout the country, with more than 1000 distributors and selling well in Asia, Europe and Africa.

 Choosing white yb体育 industry is reassuring.  White yb体育 tube import automatic integrated production workshop
Choosing white yb体育 is reassuring! German Claus maffy automatic integrated production equipment


  • Heilongjiang production base


Heilongjiang White yb体育 industry Polytron Technologies Inc is a company specializing in the production and sale of new plastics, jointly organized by Shanghai white yb体育 and Heilongjiang Longjiang Hua Wang Co., Ltd. The company occupies an area of 200 mu, has 7000 square meters of modern production plant, has 6 Cincinnati Austria automatic production line, production equipment in the forefront of the industry level. The 6 categories of products produced by the company are strictly implemented according to the Shanghai white yb体育 technology standard. The company has perfect quality control system, after-sale service system and technical support system. The products are mainly designed to meet the needs of customers in the three eastern provinces.

 Heilongjiang white yb体育 pipe production base  Production equipment of Heilongjiang white yb体育 pipe production base

[white yb体育 products]

Municipal water supply: PPR classic grey tube: dn20-dn160, PE straight tube: dn20-dn630

Home decoration water supply: PPR white boutique tube: dn20-dn32, PPR antibacterial tube: dn20-dn32. Beta -PPR high end tube: dn20-dn32

Building water supply: PPR classic grey tube: dn20-dn160, PPR aluminum plastic steady-state composite pipe: Dn20-Dn110

White yb体育 water supply system

Water supply system









 Antiseptic tube series of white yb体育

 White yb体育 pipe PE special pipe for municipal water supply system
  • Drainage pipe series

3SPP polypropylene super quiet drain pipe fittings: dn50-dn160

PVC solid wall drainage pipe fittings: dn50-dn160

PVC single wall spiral drainage pipe fittings: dn50-dn160

PVC double wall hollow spiral drainage pipe fittings: dn50-dn160

White yb体育 drain system

Drainage system







 White yb体育 industry drainage system PVC-U rainwater drain pipe

 White yb体育 industry 3SPP super quiet drainage system drainage pipe ten brand products
  • Threading tube series

Pipe fittings for building threading pipes: dn16-dn32 (white)

Fittings for threading pipes for household use: dn16-dn32 (red, blue)

 White yb体育 PVC-u high flame retardant threading pipe series


  • Ground heating pipe series

PERT I blocked oxygen and PERT II blocked oxygen (red in white).

PERT I type oxygen barrier, PERT II type oxygen barrier (yellow)

PERT I type oxygen barrier, PERT II type oxygen barrier (white)

 White yb体育 oxygen barrier series adding oxygen barrier to increase the service life of the whole floor heating system, the selection of the ten brand products of the floor heating pipe.

PB heating pipe: dn20-dn32
PE ground source heat pump system: dn20-dn630



[white yb体育 honor]

  • There are more than 70 honors of high-tech enterprises, ten major brands of China's plastic pipes, consumer satisfaction brands, ten leading brands, and industry influence brands.

  • Participated in the drafting and revision of PPR and PERT national standards.

  • China plastic pipe Specialized Committee vice chairman unit;

  • Committee of Plastic Products Standardization Technical Committee (TC48/SC3).

 Famous trademark of Shanghai in 2017  2016-2018 famous brand products in Shanghai  Ten brand products of plastic pipes in Shanghai in 2017
2017 difficult Shanghai famous trademark Shanghai famous brand in 2016-2018 years 2017 ten brands of plastic pipes in Shanghai
 PPR national standard drafting certificate  PPR national standard drafting certificate  PPR national standard drafting certificate
PPR national standard drafting certificate PPR national standard drafting certificate PPR national standard drafting certificate
 2017 high tech Enterprise Certificate - white yb体育 industry  China's mute pipeline industry influence brand  China's home decoration industry ten major brands
2017 certificate of high technology enterprise China's mute pipeline industry influence brand China's home decoration industry ten major brands



Shanghai Disney, Tibet agricultural drinking water, Antarctic Zhongshan Railway Station, World Expo, Greenland Group, Ocean property, sunshine 100, Hongqiao hub, Shanghai real estate, Chang Bei airport, B&Q, Zhejiang Wanli University, Shanghai Wanli District, Shanghai circus city and so on.


 White yb体育 PE buried pipe project case Shanghai Disney  Case study of PVC drainage pipe in Zhongshan Railway Station, white yb体育 tube  Shanghai real estate group - white yb体育 pipe PPR water supply system engineering
Shanghai Disney zhongshan station Shanghai real estate group
 Underground pipe project of white yb体育 PE at Hongqiao high speed railway station in Shanghai  Case study of white yb体育 buried pipe project in Germany Pavilion  Green group white yb体育 industry and the world's top 500 cooperation projects
Shanghai Hongqiao high speed rail station World garden Germany Pavilion Greenland Group


Heilongjiang white yb体育 Cooperation project Including Shenyang Wanda residence water supply project, Shenyang general ginseng heating project, Shenyang military area air force ground heating project, Liaoning Fushun mining group water pipe PE pipe transformation project, Harbin Hengsheng real estate heating project, Zhaodong people's Hospital 3SPP mute tube project, Mudanjiang Seven Star mansion water supply project, Changchun new extension fire protection project PE project, Dunhua city water town network transformation and so on.


White yb体育 quality]

  • The white yb体育 adopts the international high quality chemical raw materials and production equipment to ensure the safe use of the product for 50 years.

  • White yb体育 products after more than 18 processes, continuous 7 days of testing, products will be qualified before leaving the factory.

  • 8760 hours hydrostatic thermal stability test of the white yb体育 products through the international authoritative testing agency Sweden Bodycate laboratory.

  • The PPR tube of the Yi root of the white yb体育 has been running safely in China for 183960H (21 years).

  •  Quality assurance of the ten brands of white yb体育 industry


    [service system]

    Five guarantees of service system

    1) safety assurance (environmental protection, health, sanitation, no leakage).

    2) quality assurance (product two-dimensional code distinguish authenticity);

    3) service guarantee (one card per household, pipeline pressure test);

    4) special guarantee (Commissioner maintenance, 24 hour response);

    5) insurance guarantee (for product purchase insurance, double quality assurance for high quality pipeline).



    [contact us]
    Telephone: 400-820-0166
    WeChat: White yb体育 industry begins at 1988
    Address: No. 799 Star Road, Jinhui Town, Fengxian, Shanghai
    Official website: door361.com
    Mailbox: Shwb@door361.com


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