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Product is the vitality of an enterprise, and its vitality comes from the continuous renovation and creation of products, which is the source of sustainable development of enterprises.

At the beginning of its establishment, the white yb体育 company attached great importance to the research and development of technology. At the request of the Ministry of national construction and the economic and Trade Commission, we established the PP-R pipe technology application center and the PP-R pipe technology promotion center. Today, the company owns PP-R products, and also has a pipeline system including.PP-R tube, PE pipe, steady state pipe, 3S silent drain pipe, PVC-U drain pipe, PVC-U electrical casing, PE-RT tube, ground source heat pump and so on. It is widely used in cold and hot water system, pure water system, drainage system, ground heating system and its dedicated piping system. The products are basically covered by various pipeline application systems. At the same time, all kinds of standards are PP-R national standard.

R & D needs talents, and the company's talent strategy is to get in and go out, absorb all kinds of excellent professionals, and send professional training to talented people with a bright future. At the same time, we should cooperate with foreign advanced production enterprises, domestic universities, design institutes and other specialized industries.




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