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What is the difference between warm and wet installation and dry installation?

Author: Zhang Yan Source: Editing and editing Browse times: Date: October 23, 2019 15:48

Near the late autumn, the installation of ground heating pipes at home is much more. The installation of floor heating is mostly water heating pipes, environmental protection and energy saving, and electric floor heating is too expensive. When installing water and heating, the teachers sometimes use wet installation and sometimes dry type installation. Then what is the difference between the wet installation and dry installation of the water heating system? Let's take a look. White yb体育 ground heating How to install the master?

 What is the difference between warm and wet installation and dry installation?

The installation Master said that the teachers usually use the wet installation, and the wet installation can reflect the technical skills of an installer. Moreover, the wet installation is low in cost and the dry type installation is relatively simple, but the construction cost is higher than the wet installation cost. Around 30%

Wet construction has two ways of installation: insulation board or module board heat insulation layer and foamed cement heat insulation layer. The construction sequence of insulation board with insulation board or module board is to clean up photos, install diversity water heaters, heat insulation layer with fixed angle, heat insulation layer and expansion joint, pipe test pressure, reflective film, steel mesh, laying coil, pipe pressure test, pipe pressure keeping, filling layer construction maintenance, pipe test pressure, leveling layer, laying floor, connecting ground for water supply, system washing and system commissioning. Trial run The 16 step. For example, installation of foam cement insulation layer, including cleaning, plugging and wetting, foam cement placement, maintenance, installation of water collector, fixed angle insulation layer, pipe test pressure, laying coil, pipe test pressure, Guan Baoya, expansion joint, filling layer construction and maintenance, pipe test pressure, laying of ground, connection for return pipe, system washing, system commissioning and trial operation. Sixteen Construction steps.

The general order of warm and dry construction is to clean up the leveling ground, install the water collector, fix the corner insulation layer, set up the keel and the heat conduction plate or lay the thermal insulation layer and fix it, then heat the tube to lay the aluminum foil layer, or lay the prefabricated heating plate with heating tube, and fix, connect the two distributor, set the expansion joint, pipe pressure test, Guan Baoya, lay the ground, connect the return pipe. System commissioning, system commissioning and commissioning. The 11 step.

 What is the difference between warm and wet installation and dry installation?

Another difference is that the heating time is different, the dry ground heating effect is very fast, and generally the heating up time is the most. The temperature in the 30 minutes is the same as that of the radiator. The heat effect of the wet ground heating is slower, and the heating time is longer. 4-6 For an hour.

    To sum up, the wet installation and dry installation of water heating mainly do not include wet installation, low cost, slow heating, slow cooling, long temperature storage, and wet installation on the market. Dry water heating installation is simple and convenient, cost is high, temperature rise is fast, cooling is fast, temperature storage time is short, engineering market is blank, and home decoration market is used. Low, low 10%.

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