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Walk into the ten major brands of white yb体育 industry, and feel the quality of China.

Author: Zhang Yan Source: Contribution in station Browse times: Date: November 4, 2019 11:47

The original Shanghai building materials factory, white yb体育 industry, began in 1986. One thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight The registered trademark of the White Butterfly brand was then the first registered trademark manufacturer of China's pipeline industry. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven China began to introduce R & D itself at the end of the year. PPR Water pipe Two thousand and one In 2006, it was renamed the Shanghai white yb体育 pipe Polytron Technologies Inc, focusing on the pipeline industry for more than thirty years. PPR National standard drafting and editing unit, consumer influence brand, White yb体育 Always put quality in the first place and put customer experience in mind.

 Walk into the ten major brands of white yb体育 industry, and feel the quality of China.

White yb体育 has been using world-class advanced full-automatic online integrated production equipment, with accuracy up to one thousand parts. PPR raw materials are all over the sea from Germany. After eighteen processes of casting, it can only become a qualified white yb体育 pipe after every layer of testing. PPR The ultimate pressure of the pipe can be reached. 8.0MPa That's equivalent to underwater. Eight hundred The pressure placed on meters is greater than that in foreign countries. PPR The ultimate pressure of the tube is high. This is the ten brand of China's pipeline industry, white yb体育 industry, which is China's quality.

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