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Omnidirectional safety protection! "Offline" and "online" synchronize.

Author: Zhang Yan Source: Editing and editing Browse times: Date: March 23, 2020 11:22

A month ago, the white yb体育 tube had begun deploying the epidemic prevention work in the plant area. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of every employee, we had to prevent and control epidemic diseases in an all-round way. Three Ten thousand yuan's epidemic prevention supplies.

Comprehensive protection and safety recovery


Step by step issued the "prevention and control work of new guard during the outbreak of new crown pneumonia", "the peak season meal schedule", "before and after the resumption of work," " Three prevention " A series of epidemic prevention related documents, such as measures and contingency plans, are put up, and scientific and epidemic prevention knowledge is posted in the entrance, garage, canteen, storehouse and publicity column of the factory, so as to ensure the overall epidemic prevention and protection work. Two month Nineteen The Management Committee of the Nie Jing Hui Tai Lei economic park has formally agreed to resume our work after verification.



After resuming work, the company strictly implements various preventive and control measures. Employees enter and enter the company to measure their body temperature, wear masks, spray alcohol regularly, arrange personnel to disinfect the operating parts of doorknobs, corridors, offices, staircases, toilets and other devices, tools and gauges frequently, and ensure the work of the office staff and warehouse production two times a day. At the same time, we should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, and build a strong epidemic prevention and control line to prevent and control the spread and spread of the epidemic.

Service support of District People's Bureau


Three month Sixteen On the afternoon of the afternoon, Xu Kejian, deputy secretary of the Fengxian District people's social Bureau, accompanied by Ye Ni, vice mayor of Jinhui Town, visited our bureau and listened to the report of Ni Jinping, secretary and general manager of our Party branch, on resumption of work resumption and epidemic prevention measures. Secretary Xu, in the affirmation of our department's standardization of employment and epidemic prevention and control measures during the epidemic prevention and control, sent us a collection of relevant policy materials for District People's community.



"Online" and "online" synchronize


During the epidemic period, in order to improve installation efficiency and facilitate customers to place orders at any time, the company developed "civil service installation service software" and "customer order service software", and implemented the strategy of "online" and "offline" synchronization.

At present, the company has completed the "civil service installation service software" and completed the internal test, and now the Shanghai market is gradually put into use. The "customer order service software" developed can realize mobile phones. APP Computer PC End, WeChat and small programs can be used synchronously. Through this software, customers can query their order status (effective, stocking, delivery), and the software is expected to be available. Three The end of this month can be put into operation normally.

Category: Company dynamics

The key words of the information are: "Offline" and "online" synchronize.   Resumption of labor and rehabilitation  

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