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    • Focus on the pipeline industry for more than thirty years, as the chairman of the pipeline industry unit, the integrity of the pipeline industry benchmarking enterprises, PPR national standard drafting and editing units, consumer influence brand, white yb体育 always adhere to the quality of the first place, put the customer experience in mind. Guan...

    • Experienced pipeline distributors have been probing from all aspects, which brands do well on the market this year, which brands have a good development mode, and which dark horse brands are worth studying and joining in the market.

    • The installation of floor heating is mostly water and heating pipes, environmental protection and energy saving, electric floor heating is too expensive. When installing water and heating, the teachers sometimes use wet installation and sometimes dry type installation. Then what is the difference between the wet installation and dry installation of water heating? Let's look at it together.

    • White yb体育 "silent drainage pipe, white yb体育 PE-RT pipe, white yb体育 PPR tube" and other products have been selected in the national real estate and property technology selection product information library. In 2019, it was selected as the best product of Shanghai residential repair engineering materials, over the past thirty years.

    • The results of the first batch of China Construction Luban awards were announced in the 2018 to 2019 year of the China Construction Association, and the Three Gorges tourist service center of the Yellow River, Gansu, which was invested by the Yongjing Gong hang brigade group.


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